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The A used to be for "Arts," the C was for "Communications," but since those words now mean something new every week, and since we are what our clients need us to be, we're A&C. Our gods are results, strategy and creative ideas in that order. Like The Avengers, we each have unique powers but one mission. We work with iconic brands, period. And Google wants us to say that we're a boutique public relations, partnership and sponsorship agency based in Toronto and Seattle with integrated digital, social media, and strategic communications, so you can find us. Guess it worked.

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You need to know why great brands across the country choose to work with us. And we need to know why, so we keep doing it. Here's why.      

1. The market doesn't respond to public relations or sponsorships or digital campaigns. It responds to ideas. That's where we start and work the hardest. Media, tactics, stories all flow from the idea.

2. Sponsorship success is about hitting defined sales targets. We've been hitting them for 40 years. It's bred a unique, sales and results-oriented culture and approach that permeate how we think about and act on everything we do.

3. Heard at a recent pitch: "When do I meet my actual team?" "We're it." Senior experts who love doing the work, do it here. We all must know your business completely, and this is the only way.

4. Leading lifestyle brands simply demand more creativity, thoughtfulness and innovation to stay on top. We can only do that with a small, manageable client list. A box of gems we obsessively polish.

5. There's the client brief to us, then there's our strategic creative brief in response. We sweat this one piece of paper the most, because it has to inspire open ideation and ensure measurability.

6. How do we make sure that what was planned gets made? We make it. Our core team and creative partners conceive, develop and execute all communications on all platforms. 

7. A compelling story no longer guarantees meaningful coverage. Deep, mutually beneficial relationships are crucial. We have forty years of cultivating enduring partnerships with media nationwide.

8. Finally, a global boutique agency is not an oxymoron. For clients who want to cross borders or have a multinational presence, or international clients who require a strong Canadian partner and a consistent voice, willkommen. We're part of a network of like-minded independent agencies and people in the UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Australia that work together, mashing-up independent spirit with global reach and consistency. Dondequiera que usted quiere ir, 我々は準備が整いました。

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There's nothing to be learned from a long list of past clients who might not even exist anymore, or that we made a poster for 27 years ago. Every one of these sterling brands and organizations is collaborating with us right now in the brave new marketing world.

Although, that poster was pretty good.


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Strategic planning, public and media relations, sponsorship and brand partnerships, influencer strategy and management, social media marketing, content creation and creative development. Click below to see our full services list. 


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Of course you remember Suite 900? The groundbreaking '60s TV talk show, where Elvis and Picasso talked baseball, and a monkey in a tuxedo lit everyone's cigarettes? No? Okay, we can't fool you. Suite 900 is actually our suite number, but this online version is where we share our news and thoughts, and quick reads about what the smartest lifestyle brands are doing to stay on top. Besides, everyone knows that monkeys are afraid of fire.