Happy Thanksgiving: How small acts stack up

To kick off the Thanksgiving season we held a lunchtime potluck and chatted about the little things that go a long way.  

The path our conversation took was a good reminder that the big wins (while important), aren’t the only ones worth celebrating, and it’s the small wins and acts of kindness along the way that get us there. 

As a small agency, we are an organism dependent equally on all its parts. In the office, that means we’re in tune with one another and have each other’s backs. It means generosity with knowledge, time, ownership of tasks, patience and snacks. It means receiving one another with a genuine willingness to help when something is needed. 

We all have tough days, but at A&C we show up for one another. For that we are thankful and feeding one another is surely a favourite way to express that. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend with your loved ones!


the A&C team