How to rock your first month as a PR Intern

Congratulations! You’ve done it. You landed your first internship and are about to enter the world of Public Relations and Communications. What better time to start than September?

For the first 15+ years of our lives September is the start of a new school year, thus ingraining the idea of new beginnings. It now acts as an opportunity to ground yourself after the summer season has come to a close, and the perfect time to set (and conquer) new goals.

Having started my career with internships and volunteer positions at various agencies, I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of advice. After 6+ years of work and growth in an agency setting, I’d say the best advice really resorts back to our values here at A&C.

Be curious

Curiosity helps us grow, learn, discover, develop, clarify, think and create

Curiosity is what feeds us, especially in an ever-changing field like communications. The curiosity inside us is what sparks that fire to go out and find the answers to achieve kick-ass results. Let your curiosity guide you in both your personal and professional life.

Be courageous

Courage helps us start, pursue, persevere and finish projects in the face of adversity

The interview may have been the scariest part, however now it’s time to join a new team. Have the courage to be yourself when taking on the role. The unique perspective you can bring to a team, especially being green in the field, is valuable. It may have been a view otherwise overseen by the senior team.  

Be resourceful

Resourcefulness helps us find inventive, nimble and creative solutions.

Now the old saying ‘there are no stupid questions’ may be true, however there are questions you can definitely find the answer yourself… or Google. That’s being resourceful. You’ve been hired to solve problems and present solutions, which of course can take a learning curve. With patience in your learning and resourcefulness you’ll gain that confidence in no time.

Be kind

Kindness is a simple and generous way to be.

A huge part of what you can bring to any job, is your attitude or kindness - and what I like to call it, vibe. The energy and vibe of any job is incredibly important, in fact is my deciding factor in choosing a job, while at the same time is solely based on the people at the agency. In addition, put yourself in others’ shoes and be empathetic in the workplace. This will help you understand other’s perspective and may result in more successful up managing and ultimately getting our work done

Now you’re all set to rock your first month as a PR intern!

- Remy Delima, Senior Account Manager

A&CArts and Communications