How do we inspire communities to get involved?

Hey Canada, we've had some impressive ambassadors this year helping to galvanize us around rallying cries like We the North and more recently, She the North when 19-year-old tennis phenom Bianca Andreescu became the first Canadian to capture the US Open women's singles title.

Are we able to transfer a fraction of that same passion to rally behind Canadians competing on the world stage to our actual country this fall? Instead of the fear and division that gets peddled by candidates vying for our fandom during an election, might we cultivate some interest and passion for the representatives who will put in the work and maintain the mental focus on what matters to ensure that our team, Canada, is set up to win?

Sports and politics may be very different games, but community building is a game that we actually participate in every day. It's less a one-time or season-long contest than a constant collaboration. Every day our actions impact our community and about every four years, with our vote, we get a shot at choosing who represents us in the arena.

When it comes to investing in our candidate, who are we rallying behind? Are we paying attention to the flashy, popular players or are we considering the passion, track record and sportsmanship of a hardworking playmaker?

Are we rallying for the underdog or are we waving the flag for an established legend?

One thing I know for sure, I'd like to see more than 6 out of every 10 of us head to the polls. Anyone who is eligible to vote, needs to give a damn and get informed. Learn who stands for what in your neighbourhood and show your support at the ballot box where it matters. When you head to the polls, bring a friend. Make an event or experience out of it if you must. And share with abandon to fire up the FOMO too, just be sure to join the process and get in the game. Every vote counts.

#WeTheNorth #SheTheNorth

- Lisa Huie, Managing Director