Podcast Proliferation: Here Are Our Favourites

Podcasts are having their moment. The evolutionary offspring of radio, podcasts can provide many opportunities for brands in this “content is king” era we’re living in. In the spirit of celebrating a medium we all engage with at A&C, see below for each of our favourite podcasts.


I’m a fan of Tim Ferris, love his books, so it makes sense that the Tim Ferris Show is up there for me in terms of favorite podcasts.

He has a relaxed, great style, and his guests are always people I want to hear from.  Some of them are a more direct inspiration for me in business or life, but they’re all interesting and have a specific point of view.  There’s someone for every reason I want to listen – if I’m feeling stuck, I choose an entrepreneur talking about his/her journey, if I want a boost, I’ll listen to someone in a space I know nothing about.  I also like hearing how he frames the sponsors, how he makes it authentic, and which sponsors are included.

One of my favourites is “#357: Susan Cain – How to Overcome Fear and Embrace Creativity.”


My favourite is Pod Save America. Why do I like it?  I’m a political junkie and the hosts are VERY smart, funny, and Jon Favreau is a total hottie!!   But it’s a podcast, how would I know how Jon Favreau is looking like daily, you ask?........well their podcast is broadcast on YouTube here.


Check out Gretchen Rubin – “Happier.” After reading her book, I became inspired to subscribe to her podcast which is pretty simple: what are little things we can do every day to make our lives happier. Easy to listen to while walking, driving or cooking dinner, a lot of her tips come down to common themes of being mindful and present in our lives and our actions, but the tips themselves can also be fun. Delivered in a storytelling, chat format with her sister (who lives on the opposite coast), one of the tips I enjoy is to always book things to look forward to. Some people do this for every weekend, others prefer to just plan for big events like the theater or a trip. Either way, having things on the horizon to anticipate makes us happier (and Gretchen's got data to prove it!). Am I happier as a result? I actually think I am, which proves to me, anyway, that it really can be just the little things that make life good!


I couldn’t pick just one. Below are my top three picks.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

This one has taken over from Freakonomics Radio as my go-to ear candy. I love the conversations with real people about their journey to establishing organizations, brands and businesses. Their stories and lessons are as good as any business book and there’s always an insight to be applied at work.

Outside In with Charles Trevail

I recently discovered this one by the CEO of Interbrand and have discovered some interesting stories from customer-centric brands and organizations. They’re typically short conversations with easy to digest stories and insights.

Ear Hustle

I binged this one this summer and now have to wait TWO weeks between episodes. Besides the sometimes heartbreaking stories from current and former residents of California’s San Quentin state prison, this production from Radiotopia is an example of tremendous storytelling that also features some great music and sound design. Check. It. Out.


My favourite podcast is Ted Talks Daily. For so many reasons. Reminds me of all the awesome ideas people have and the actions they take to make a difference.


I used to LOVE the No Man’s Land by The Wing, where each episode was a profile on bad ass women throughout history. They no longer produce new episodes; however it was totally inspirational and the content was really well done. Now, I regularly listen to GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso, where they focus on the experience of successful women in the workplace. It is incredibly motivational listening to ambitious women.


My favourite podcast is Uncover by CBC. I love a good piece of investigative journalism. The CBC never lets up an opportunity to sink its teeth into stories that require more than a surface report. Their latest and my favourite season, The Village, is spearheaded Justin Ling who dives into the chilling tale of recently lost and forever loved members of Toronto’s LGBTQ members. Journalistic excellence.


I love The Cut on Tuesdays – they have a feature called “How I Get It Done,” where successful women describe the details of their days and how they achieve success in high profile careers. I always pick up productivity tips and find it so fun to tap into the common threads that make all these women successful!


I agree with Nicole, and enjoy tuning in to The Cut on Tuesdays. I admire how they dive deeper into tough issues on everyone’s minds while keeping a casual tone. My next pick would be CBC’s Love Me. Self-described as a podcast about the messiness of human connection (not restricted to romantic), Love Me offers a peak into the perspectives around you. To me it is a reminder that, usually, we’re all just doing our best.