More Summer Please

Recently we were talking about live performances and how they bring us together. How the shared experience of a theatrical production or music concert connects us in profound ways to inspire, entertain and inform. The realization that there are few things we put our phones down that long for got me thinking.

At this time of the year, that last stretch of summer before the back-to-school mania kicks in, we yearn to squeeze out every extra moment of summer’s laissez faire. With or without kids, we all feel an uptick in our busyness once Labour Day is in our rearview.

In no particular order, what are we keen to linger with a little longer before we gear up for the fresh starts and revitalized routines that back to school and the crisp fall air brings?

Time in nature - whether it's a stroll on the beach, a cycle down the boardwalk, a campfire at the cottage, our future self is always grateful for extra time hanging out with Mother Nature.

Sun on our face - of course in moderation.

Aperol Spritz – not just because of the marketing push this year, it’s a lovely refresher that feels a little fancy.

Dining al fresco – patio until November if you can, eating deliciousness in the open air is a summertime favourite.

Laughter – not exclusive to the summer, and you can never have too much, it’s always enjoyed with others!

What about you? Comment here with your end-of-summer extra.

Nicole Hanley