Music Motivates

It’s no secret that we are music lovers over here at A&C. The right song can inspire us to get creative, to slow down and focus, or to empower us when going into an important meeting or conversation. Heading into the long weekend, we are sharing the songs that our team listens to when they need that little dose of motivation during the work week:

Cianan Liburd, Account Coordinator

“With highly caffeinated teas usually coursing through my veins, my frenetic mind can joy in lyrics as moody and mellow as Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” and get pumped up. Seriously – it’s pretty high up on my workout playlist. I like to lean into and embrace every one of my moods, so I feel at ease listening to the Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange, which features the 10-minute epic, “Pyramids,” an ambient rollercoaster of emotions. Starting off with a hefty yet wispy bass, it pivots into an upbeat head bopper then slows back down into a slinky, soft second half that will even you right out. A well-balanced saga that’s great for summer car rides or spending some much-needed alone time. In the words of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat… “…It’s just a mood.”
EndoftheRoad Pyramids

Remy Delima, Senior Account Manager

“Being a lover of various genres of music, my playlists tend to range from rap, to electronic to 80s rock, so my motivational song is constantly changing. Asking me to choose only one motivational song, is my version of torture, however, here it is. Anderson.Paak’s Put Me Thru! I was only introduced to him earlier this year, and instantly became obsessed, especially after seeing him live. He’s incredibly talented and the vibe of the song totally gets me pumped up! In fact his whole album, Malibu is a go-to for me while working.”

 Lisa Huie, Managing Director

Music is an amazing tool to influence mood and energy. I use it to conjure what I need or amplify where I'm at. What interests and motivates me is diverse and broad. One song is tough, a soundtrack of go-to tunes is likely more apt. To stick with the assignment though, the one I'll call out at this moment is Finally, Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie Knight.

Why? Generally house music is a comforting backbeat that boosts my energy and always brings me back to moments of joyful freedom and energy on a dance floor and those opening beats of Finally always get me to turn up.

Emily Craig Evans, Account Coordinator

There are two modes outside of my neutral state that music accelerates me into. Most comfortable daydreaming, songs like Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You” “pump me up” when I’m ready to do some serious introspection.  I don’t think that’s what the team meant when asking what my pump-up song is. Especially in the summer, if a song is going to get me ready for a party, it better be catchy and turned up loud. Lately, I’m in love with Tyler the Creator’s recent release, IGOR, and the song “I THINK.” Spoiler, the song is about love. Fall in love with yourself this summer!
Can’tDoWithoutYou IGOR IThink

Darren Roberts, Executive Vice President, Strategy

“There’s a song from the 1980s that I always find motivating which puts a smile on my face. As the dedicated driver most mornings in high school my friend Marnie Millward was the first to be picked up en route. She was a classic cheerleader...pretty, athletic, blonde ponytail, megawatt smile... Between her house and our friend Brad's, she'd load the cassette tape to be played while we drove. Once Brad got in the car, it was party time and time to wake up on our way to school. A song that never failed to get us motivated didn't win any awards and won't be remembered 100 years from now, but for me, whenever I need a song that's going to put just a little more spring in my step, Head Over Heels by The Go Go's will do just that every time. Don't judge. It was the 80s.”

Bonnie Hillman, President

“Queen Bee by Taj Mahal – I love his voice, it both relaxes and gets me going.  The irregular beat is what I respond to, and it always puts me in a good mood and gives me great positive energy.”

Alanna Tomson, Director of Operations

“Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles  (It embodies new beginnings, nostalgia and moving forward), or Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (Ummm… it just is, have you seen Rocky?!)”
VideoKilledtheRadioStar EyeoftheTiger

James O’Connor, Vice President, Partnerships at A&C Inc.

“Nasty Girl by Vanity 6 (the original version – hard to find – not the cover which is on Spotify).  Written by Prince and performed by his protégé, it’s just a lot of fun to listen to. There’s something subversive about it that I like.”

Nicole Hanley, Senior Account Coordinator

“I am definitely a young woman with the taste of a 50-year-old Dad (and proud of it). Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill has always registered with me as a song about victory, triumph, and that moment where you metaphorically get to the top of the hill you’ve been climbing for so long.”


Alanna TomsonA&C