Why a growing, independent 40-year-old company moved. Into co-working.

When a colleague and I bought A&C from its founder 15 years ago, the office was on Bloor Street, one that was a dead ringer for Miranda’s office in a Devil Wears Prada.  All of us, regardless of role, had private offices and worked in quiet and privacy to either research, write or pitch.   The energy of the office was serious and professional, with the occasional spontaneous conversation first thing in the morning, lunch or end of day.   There were opportunities to ‘brainstorm’, but they were formal and prescribed.

But times have continued to change.  Fortunately.  After Bloor Street, our office space for the last ten years was at Spadina and Adelaide, and a combination of private and open space.  But we were ready for an even bigger change.  A space that reflected how we now work.  Open space for spontaneous conversation and idea generation, spaces to go to work privately, different spaces that can be used flexibly.

After exploring several options, we chose WeWork. Our WeWork location has character and energy and it spoke to us. It’s the kind of environment in which our people want to be working and engaging with peers across industry sectors.

Why?  Because it allows us to do more of…

1.    Working together

We want our space to encourage and leave room for us to build on each other’s ideas and take advantage of our different perspectives.

2.    Rethinking

Our industry changes so fast and so much, we are reinventing and learning new ways to achieve the goals.  We need to be nimble and open, and operate much like a start up does, so wanted to be around companies who were the same.

3.    Connecting

As a small but mighty team, we wanted become part of bigger community that is global, diverse, and networked.  And fun.

4.    Changing

Often the trigger for new thinking and new ideas, a new environment is a fresh start.   We have big plans for our next chapter that our physical move is a springboard for.

5.    Moving forward

Sometimes, we need a literal push to not stand still and this change in where and how we work is propelling us to our next chapter.

It’s a big adjustment, no question.  Some of us love the fruit water and the beer, others of us don’t love the music in the common area, so it’s not perfect.  But it’s exactly what it needs to be and we’re making it ours.

A&CA&C at WeWork