Power of Pause

Pause. Breathe. Collect your thoughts. We say this in media training all the time. The power of the pause is an important, yet often overlooked, element when it comes to professional presentations and public speaking.

We embrace the power of the pause at our annual team offsite. Time at the lake is a time for collaborative reflection that’s energizing to our team.

We enjoy the majesty of Muskoka’s natural beauty for sure and putting a pin in our regular routines also helps us to relax and reconnect in ways that the hustle of the city doesn’t always allow. 

Being in nature is a unique way for us to individually and collectively reconsider our perspective; to pause and reflect on where we are, where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Contemplation against a backdrop of blue skies and hypnotic waves helps to put our triumphs and failures into focus and reshape the stories we put on them. At our lakeside team retreat, we celebrate our wins and clarify the learning in our losses.

Pausing to play is also a key ingredient to the annual offsite. We laugh, we swim, we play games, build puzzles and we enjoy a spontaneous dance party or two. The fun helps us to connect and deepen our relationships.

Playtime at the team offsite is the time when nicknames are christened. Whether we wear them as a badge of honour or try to bury them, nicknames are a shorthand, an expression of care and appreciation. They’re signifiers of collegial connection.

I’ve always been soothed and inspired by the water; seaside or lakeside its effect is undeniable. To pause or to play, time at the lake always gives us what we need.

-Lisa Huie, Managing Director

Alanna TomsonA&C