Planting Seeds

Relationship building is a lot like gardening.

When I was small, I gardened with my mother. I would dig for worms in the earth she loosened to prepare the bed for the things she wanted to grow there.

When ready, we would gently place the seeds inside.

“Now tuck it in.”

Many mornings began with the garden hose. The season would swell, the plants grew, and we harvested their bounty. Eventually, some would die, and some would come back to visit me next year.

I’m reminded every day at A&C that good relationships, like plants, may have one season or many, and require preparation, planting and nurturing. (And not all seeds grow.)

We contribute to meeting our clients’ needs by:


We do our research. We read local and community publications in addition to national dailies. We dig for who is saying what about what, and where. We read the room and lay the foundation.


We participate in what is happening around us. We contribute an informed perspective to conversations about our and our clients’ interests. We compliment work we admire, ask questions and connect with people who are different than us on common ground.


We maintain attention. We follow the development of both stories and people and stay engaged. We acknowledge others, and always strive to be curious and kind.

I think about my early introduction to the life cycle through gardening at the turn of every transition. This June, I celebrated my Bachelor of Journalism graduation. It’s only fitting that grad season comes when we see new growth coming into bloom.

-          Emily Craig-Evans, Account Coordinator

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