Reflections on teamwork and resilience

History. Made. 

I’m a basketball fan. That’s no secret. I remember watching Raptors games at the Skydome when Damon “Mighty Mouse” Stoudamire was runnin’ point. We were season ticket holders for a minute when Bosh was here, and then my own boys started playing themselves. 

I’m thrilled for the Raptors because their perseverance and hard work has paid off. They have made history and won the Eastern Conference title for the first time in franchise history. 

And it’s always a thrill when your home team wins.  

As a leader committed to investing in and motivating my team to drive business forward, this historic win reminds me of three important things: 

Resilience – you don’t come out on top without taking your knocks and still getting back up because you know that you can. The Rap’s came back from double-digit deficits time and time again to serve the Bucks their only four-game losing streak of the entire season. 

Incrementality – This historic Raptors win was more than two decades in the making – dozens of players, nearly two thousand games. Being crowned Eastern Conference champions was an accomplishment built on so much more than the 82-game season, the dozen post-season games and the historic trade for one of the legends of the game. 

Teamwork – Kawhi said it best, “I just want to win, I don’t care about being the best player. I want to be the best team.” Hero ball doesn’t get it done. Trusting in your team, believing in each other and working together toward a common goal will always prevail. Collaboration that hums on the experience and expertise of each individual in the group is a winning approach. 

I’m fascinated by the team effort, how it brings us together and how it builds us up to achieve more than we could possibly do on our own; how teamwork can make us feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Here’s to the home team. And to winning. 

Way to go Raptors! 

  • Lisa Huie, Managing Director